Parameters of MDT MD2500JB-00REA0 with Firmware 20.00K20

General information
TrademarkMagnetic Data
ModelMDT MD2500JB-00REA0
Capacity232.8 GB
Maximum Ultra DMA mode5
Firmware upgradesupported
ATA version7
Advanced Formatnot supported
Units tested3
Times tested11
Maximum interface speed100 MB/s
Maximum buffered read speed87 MB/s
Maximum read speed58 MB/s
Minimum average access time13.50 msec
Cache buffer8 MB
Volatile write cachesupported
Read look-aheadsupported
Command Queuing Optimization (TCQ)not supported
Advanced Power Management (APM)not supported
Acoustic Management (AAM)supported
Count of sensors15
Free-fall Controlnot supported
SCT Transportsupported
Duration of full self test96 minutes
Critical maximum temperature70°C (158°F)
Recommended maximum temperature65°C (149°F)
Maximum temperature57°C (134°F)
Average maximum temperature47°C (116°F)
Drive access restrictionsupported
Enhanced security erasenot supported
Instant data destructionnot supported
Host protected area (HPA)supported
Host protected area passwordsupported