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WDC WD1002FBYS-01A6B0 with Firmware 03.00C05 Information

Common characteristics
ManufacturerWestern digital
ModelWDC WD1002FBYS-01A6B0
Capacity931.5 GB
SATA version2.5
Firmware upgradesupported
ATA version8 (ACS)
Advanced Formatnot supported
Units tested9
Times tested22
Maximum speed interface300 MB/s
Buffered read speed193 MB/s
Average read speed98 MB/s
Average access time25.42 msec
Cache buffer31.9 MB
Volatile write cachesupported
Read look-aheadsupported
Command Queuing Optimization (NCQ)supported
Advanced Power Management (APM)not supported
Acoustic Management (AAM)supported
Rotation rate7200 rpm
Count of sensors17
Free-fall Controlnot supported
SCT Transportsupported
Duration of full self test214 minutes
Maximum temperature limit85°C, 185°F
Maximum recommended temperature60°C, 140°F
Highest temperature69°C, 156°F
Average highest temperature47°C, 116°F
Drive access restrictionsupported
Enhanced security erasesupported
Complete destruction of information188 minutes
Instant information destructionnot supported
Hidden partitionsupported
Partition access restrictionsupported
Trusted Computingnot supported