Parameters of Hitachi HDP725050GLAT80 with Firmware GM4OA42A

General information
ModelHitachi HDP725050GLAT80
Capacity465.7 GB
Maximum Ultra DMA mode6
Alternative firmwares1
Firmware upgradesupported
ATA version8 (ACS)
Advanced Formatnot supported
Units tested5
Times tested15
Maximum interface speed133 MB/s
Maximum buffered read speed120 MB/s
Maximum read speed98 MB/s
Minimum average access time9.70 msec
Cache buffer7 MB
Volatile write cachesupported
Read look-aheadsupported
Command Queuing Optimization (TCQ)not supported
Advanced Power Management (APM)supported
Acoustic Management (AAM)supported
Rotation rate7200 rpm
Count of sensors17
Free-fall Controlnot supported
SCT Transportsupported
Duration of full self test131 minutes
Critical maximum temperature70°C (158°F)
Recommended maximum temperature60°C (140°F)
Maximum temperature59°C (138°F)
Average maximum temperature39°C (102°F)
Drive access restrictionsupported
Enhanced security erasenot supported
Data destruction time184 minutes
Instant data destructionnot supported
Host protected area (HPA)supported
Host protected area passwordsupported