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Hard and Solid-state Drives production of Hitachi

HGST HUH721010ALE6049 TB
HGST HUH721010ALE6009 TB
HGST HUH728080ALE6047.2 TB
HGST HDN728080ALE6047.2 TB
HGST HUS726060ALE6145.4 TB
HGST HUS726060ALA6405.4 TB
HGST HUH728060ALE6005.4 TB
Hitachi HUS724040ALE6403.6 TB
Hitachi HDS724040ALE6403.6 TB
Hitachi HDS5C4040ALE6303.6 TB
HGST HUS726040ALE6143.6 TB
HGST HUS726040ALA6103.6 TB
HGST HUS724040ALA6403.6 TB
HGST HMS5C4040BLE6403.6 TB
HGST HMS5C4040ALE6403.6 TB
HGST HDS724040ALE6403.6 TB
HGST HDN726040ALE6143.6 TB
HGST HDN724040ALE6403.6 TB
HUS724030ALA6402.7 TB
Hitachi HUS724030ALE6412.7 TB
Hitachi HUA723030ALA6402.7 TB
Hitachi HUA5C3030ALA6402.7 TB
Hitachi HDS723030BLE6402.7 TB
Hitachi HDS723030ALA6402.7 TB
Hitachi HDS5C3030BLE6302.7 TB
Hitachi HDS5C3030ALA6302.7 TB
HGST HUS724030ALE6402.7 TB
HGST HUS724030ALA6402.7 TB
HGST HDN724030ALE6402.7 TB
HGST HUS724030ALE6412.7 TB
HUA722020ALA3301.8 TB
Hitachi HUA723020ALA6411.8 TB
Hitachi HUA723020ALA6401.8 TB
Hitachi HUA722020ALA3311.8 TB
Hitachi HUA722020ALA3301.8 TB
Hitachi HUA5C3020ALA6401.8 TB
Hitachi HDS723020BLE6401.8 TB
Hitachi HDS723020BLA6421.8 TB
Hitachi HDS722020ALA3301.8 TB
Hitachi HDS5C3020BLE6301.8 TB
Hitachi HDS5C3020ALA6321.8 TB
HGST HUS726020ALE6141.8 TB
HGST HUS724020ALE6401.8 TB
HGST HUS724020ALA6401.8 TB
HGST HDN724020ALE6401.8 TB
Hitachi HDS723015BLA6421.3 TB
Hitachi HDS5C3015ALA6321.3 TB
HGST HTS541515A9E6301.3 TB
Hitachi HUA722010CLA630931.5 GB
Hitachi HUA722010CLA331931.5 GB
Hitachi HUA722010CLA330931.5 GB
HITACHI HUA722010ALA330931.5 GB
Hitachi HUA721010KLA330931.5 GB
Hitachi HTS541010A9E680931.5 GB
Hitachi HDT721010SLA360931.5 GB
Hitachi HDS721010KLA330931.5 GB
Hitachi HDS721010DLE630931.5 GB
Hitachi HDS721010CLA632931.5 GB
Hitachi HDS721010CLA630931.5 GB
Hitachi HDS721010CLA332931.5 GB
Hitachi HDS721010CLA330931.5 GB
Hitachi HDS5C1010CLA382931.5 GB
Hitachi HDE721010SLA330931.5 GB
Hitachi HCS721010CLA332931.5 GB
Hitachi HCS5C1010CLA382931.5 GB
HGST HUS722T1TALA604931.5 GB
HGST HTS721010A9E630931.5 GB
HGST HTS541010B7E610931.5 GB
HGST HTS541010A9E680931.5 GB
HGST HTS541010A7E630931.5 GB
HGST HTE721010A9E630931.5 GB
APPLE HDD HTS541010A9E662931.5 GB
Hitachi HUA721075KLA330698.6 GB
Hitachi HTS727575A9E364698.6 GB
Hitachi HTS727575A9E362698.6 GB
Hitachi HTS547575A9E384698.6 GB
Hitachi HTS541075A9E680698.6 GB
Hitachi HDT721075SLA380698.6 GB
Hitachi HDS721075KLA330698.6 GB
Hitachi HDS721075CLA332698.6 GB
Hitachi HDE721075SLA330698.6 GB
HGST HTS721075A9E630698.6 GB
HGST HTS541075A9E680698.6 GB
HGST HTS541075A7E630698.6 GB
APPLE HDD HTS727575A9E362698.6 GB
APPLE HDD HTS547575A9E384698.6 GB
Hitachi HTS727564A9E364596.1 GB
Hitachi HTS547564A9E384596.1 GB
Hitachi HDT721064SLA360596.1 GB
Hitachi HDE721064SLA360596.1 GB
Hitachi HUA722050CLA330465.7 GB
Hitachi HUA721050KLA330465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS727550A9E364465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS725050A9A364465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS725050A9A362465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS725050A9A360465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS725050A7E635465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS725050A7E630465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS547550A9E384465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS545050KTSA00465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS545050KTA300465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS545050B9SA02465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS545050B9SA00465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS545050B9A302465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS545050B9A300465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS545050A7E380465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS541050A9E680465.7 GB
Hitachi HTE725050A9A364465.7 GB
Hitachi HDT725050VLAT80465.7 GB
Hitachi HDT725050VLA380465.7 GB
Hitachi HDT725050VLA360465.7 GB
Hitachi HDT721050SLA360465.7 GB
Hitachi HDS721050DLE630465.7 GB
Hitachi HDS721050CLA662465.7 GB
Hitachi HDS721050CLA660465.7 GB
Hitachi HDS721050CLA362465.7 GB
Hitachi HDS721050CLA360465.7 GB
Hitachi HDS5C1050CLA382465.7 GB
Hitachi HDP725050GLAT80465.7 GB
Hitachi HDP725050GLA380465.7 GB
Hitachi HDP725050GLA360465.7 GB
Hitachi HCT721050SLA380465.7 GB
Hitachi HCS725050VLA380465.7 GB
Hitachi HCS721050CLA382465.7 GB
Hitachi HCS5C1050DLE630465.7 GB
Hitachi HCS545050GLA380465.7 GB
Hitachi HCP725050GLAT80465.7 GB
Hitachi HCC547550A9E380465.7 GB
HGST HTS725050A7E630465.7 GB
HGST HTS545050B7E660465.7 GB
HGST HTS545050A7E680465.7 GB
HGST HTS545050A7E660465.7 GB
HGST HTS545050A7E380465.7 GB
HGST HTS541050A9E680465.7 GB
HGST HTE725050A7E630465.7 GB
HDS725050KLA360465.7 GB
APPLE HDD HTS547550A9E384465.7 GB
APPLE HDD HTS545050A7E362465.7 GB
HDS725050KLAT80465.7 GB
Hitachi HTS545050B9SA08465.2 GB
Hitachi HTS725040A9A360372.6 GB
Hitachi HTS545040KTA300372.6 GB
Hitachi HDT725040VLAT80372.6 GB
Hitachi HDT725040VLA360372.6 GB
Hitachi HDP725040GLA380372.6 GB
Hitachi HDP725040GLA360372.6 GB
HDS724040KLSA80372.6 GB
Hitachi HDT725040VLA380372.6 GB
Hitachi HTS725032A9A365298 GB
Hitachi HTS725032A9A364298 GB
Hitachi HTS725032A9A362298 GB
Hitachi HTS725032A9A360298 GB
Hitachi HTS723232L9SA62298 GB
Hitachi HTS723232L9SA60298 GB
Hitachi HTS723232L9A360298 GB
Hitachi HTS723232A7A364298 GB
Hitachi HTS545032B9SA02298 GB
Hitachi HTS545032B9SA00298 GB
Hitachi HTS545032B9A302298 GB
Hitachi HTS545032B9A300298 GB
Hitachi HTS545032A7E380298 GB
Hitachi HTS543232L9SA02298 GB
Hitachi HTS543232L9A300298 GB
Hitachi HTS543232A7A384298 GB
Hitachi HDT725032VLAT80298 GB
Hitachi HDT725032VLA380298 GB
Hitachi HDT725032VLA360298 GB
Hitachi HDT721032SLA380298 GB
Hitachi HDT721032SLA360298 GB
Hitachi HDS721032CLA662298 GB
Hitachi HDS721032CLA362298 GB
Hitachi HDS5C1032CLA382298 GB
Hitachi HDP725032GLAT80298 GB
Hitachi HDP725032GLA380298 GB
Hitachi HDP725032GLA360298 GB
Hitachi HCT721032SLA380298 GB
Hitachi HCS725032VLAT80298 GB
Hitachi HCS5C3232SLA380298 GB
Hitachi HCS5C1032CLA382298 GB
Hitachi HCC543232A7A380298 GB
HGST HTS725032A7E630298 GB
HGST HTS545032A7E680298 GB
HGST HTS545032A7E660298 GB
HGST HTS545032A7E380298 GB
Hitachi HDS722525VLAT80233.7 GB
Hitachi HTS725025A9A364232.8 GB
Hitachi HTS723225L9A360232.8 GB
Hitachi HTS723225A7A364232.8 GB
Hitachi HTS545025B9SA02232.8 GB
Hitachi HTS545025B9SA00232.8 GB
Hitachi HTS545025B9A300232.8 GB
HITACHI HTS543225L9SA00232.8 GB
Hitachi HTS543225L9A300232.8 GB
Hitachi HTS543225A7A384232.8 GB
Hitachi HTS542525K9SA00232.8 GB
Hitachi HTS542525K9A300232.8 GB
Hitachi HDT725025VLAT80232.8 GB
Hitachi HDT725025VLA380232.8 GB
Hitachi HDT721025SLA380232.8 GB
Hitachi HDS721025CLA682232.8 GB
Hitachi HDS721025CLA382232.8 GB
Hitachi HDP725025GLAT80232.8 GB
Hitachi HDP725025GLA380232.8 GB
Hitachi HCS725025VLA380232.8 GB
Hitachi HCS5C1025CLA382232.8 GB
Hitachi HCP725025GLA380232.8 GB
Hitachi HCC545025B9A300232.8 GB
Hitachi HCC543225A7A380232.8 GB
HDT722525DLAT80232.8 GB
HDT722525DLA380232.8 GB
HDS722525VLSA80232.8 GB
HDS722525VLAT80232.8 GB
Hitachi HTS722020K9SA00186.3 GB
Hitachi HTS722020K9A300186.3 GB
Hitachi HTS542520K9SA00186.3 GB
HDT722520DLAT80186.3 GB
HDT722520DLA380186.3 GB
Hitachi HDS721616PLAT80153.3 GB
Hitachi HDS721616PLA380153.3 GB
HDT722516DLAT80153.3 GB
HDT722516DLA380153.3 GB
HDS722516VLSA80153.3 GB
HDS722516VLAT80153.3 GB
HDS722516VLAT20153.3 GB
Hitachi HTS725016A9A364149 GB
Hitachi HTS723216L9A362149 GB
Hitachi HTS723216L9A360149 GB
Hitachi HTS722016K9A300149 GB
Hitachi HTS545016B9SA02149 GB
Hitachi HTS545016B9SA00149 GB
Hitachi HTS545016B9A300149 GB
Hitachi HTS543216L9SA00149 GB
Hitachi HTS543216L9A300149 GB
Hitachi HTS543216A7A384149 GB
Hitachi HTS542516K9SA00149 GB
Hitachi HTS542516K9A300149 GB
Hitachi HTS541616J9SA00149 GB
Hitachi HTS541616J9AT00149 GB
Hitachi HDT721016SLA380149 GB
Hitachi HDS721616PLA320149 GB
Hitachi HDS721016CLA382149 GB
Hitachi HDP725016GLA380149 GB
Hitachi HCP725016GLA380149 GB
Hitachi HCC545016B9A300149 GB
Hitachi HCC543216A7A380149 GB
Hitachi HTS541680J9AT00127.9 GB
Hitachi HDS721612PLAT80115 GB
Hitachi HDS721612PLA380115 GB
HDS722512VLSA80115 GB
HDS722512VLAT80115 GB
HDS722512VLAT20115 GB
HTS421212H9AT00111.7 GB
Hitachi HTS722012K9SA00111.7 GB
Hitachi HTS722012K9A300111.7 GB
Hitachi HTS543212L9A300111.7 GB
Hitachi HTS542512K9SA00111.7 GB
Hitachi HTS542512K9A300111.7 GB
HITACHI HTS541612J9SA00 3H111.7 GB
Hitachi HTS541612J9SA00111.7 GB
Hitachi HTS541612J9AT00111.7 GB
Hitachi HTS541212H9SA00111.7 GB
Hitachi HTS541212H9AT00111.7 GB
HTS721010G9SA0093.1 GB
HTS541010G9SA0093.1 GB
HTS541010G9AT0093.1 GB
HTS421210H9AT0093.1 GB
HITACHI HTS722010K9SA0093.1 GB
Hitachi HTS721010G9SA0093.1 GB
Hitachi HTS541610J9SA0093.1 GB
Hitachi HTS541210H9AT0093.1 GB
Hitachi HDS721680PLAT8076.6 GB
Hitachi HDS721680PLA38076.6 GB
Hitachi HCS721680PLAT8076.6 GB
HDS728080PLAT2076.6 GB
HDS728080PLA38076.6 GB
HDS722580VLSA8076.6 GB
HDS722580VLAT2076.6 GB
HTS721080G9SA0074.5 GB
HTS721080G9AT0074.5 GB
HTS548080M9AT0074.5 GB
HTS541080G9SA0074.5 GB
HTS541080G9AT0074.5 GB
HTS421280H9AT0074.5 GB
Hitachi HTS722080K9A30074.5 GB
Hitachi HTS721080G9SA0074.5 GB
HITACHI HTS543280L9SA0074.5 GB
Hitachi HTS543280L9A30074.5 GB
Hitachi HTS542580K9SA0074.5 GB
Hitachi HTS542580K9A30074.5 GB
Hitachi HTS541680J9SA0074.5 GB
Hitachi HTS541280H9SA0074.5 GB
Hitachi HTS541280H9AT0074.5 GB
Hitachi HTS541080G9AT0074.5 GB
HTS541060G9SA0055.8 GB
HTS726060M9AT0055.8 GB
HTS721060G9SA0055.8 GB
HTS721060G9AT0055.8 GB
HTS548060M9AT0055.8 GB
HTS541060G9AT0055.8 GB
HTS421260H9AT0055.8 GB
HTE726060M9AT0055.8 GB
HTC426060G9AT0055.8 GB
HTC426060G8CE0055.8 GB
Hitachi HTS721060G9AT0055.8 GB
Hitachi HTS542560K9SA0055.8 GB
Hitachi HTS541660J9SA0055.8 GB
Hitachi HTS541260H9SA0055.8 GB
Hitachi HTS541060G9SA0055.8 GB
Hitachi HTS541060G9AT0055.8 GB
Hitachi HTS541660J9AT0048.7 GB
HDS728040PLAT2038.3 GB
HDS722540VLAT2038.3 GB
HTS548040M9AT0037.2 GB
HTS541040G9SA0037.2 GB
HTS541040G9AT0037.2 GB
HTS424040M9AT0037.2 GB
HTS421240H9AT0037.2 GB
HTC426040G9AT0037.2 GB
HTC426040G8CE0037.2 GB
Hitachi HTS541040G9AT0037.2 GB
Hitachi HTS424030M9AT0027.9 GB
HEJ423030F9AT0027.9 GB
HTS424030M9AT0025.6 GB
HTS548020M9AT0018.6 GB
HTS541020G9SA0018.6 GB
HTC426020G7CE1018.6 GB