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Hard and Solid-state Drives production of Seagate

ST10000NM0016-1TT1019313.9 GB
ST8000VX0022-2EJ1127452 GB
ST8000VN0022-2EL1127452 GB
ST8000VN0002-1Z81127452 GB
ST8000NE0001-1WN1127452 GB
ST8000DM004-2CX1887452 GB
ST8000AS0002-1NA17Z7452 GB
ST6000VX0023-2EF1105589 GB
ST6000NM0115-1YZ1105589 GB
ST6000NM0024-1HT17Z5589 GB
ST6000NE0021-2EN11C5589 GB
ST6000DX000-1H217Z5589 GB
ST6000DM004-2EH11C5589 GB
ST6000DM003-2CY1865589 GB
ST6000DM001-1YW11C5589 GB
ST5000LM000-2AN1704657.5 GB
ST5000DM003-2FH18L4657.5 GB
ST5000DM000-1FK1784657.5 GB
ST4000VX007-2DT1663726 GB
ST4000VX000-2AG1663726 GB
ST4000VX000-1F41683726 GB
ST4000VN008-2DR1663726 GB
ST4000VN000-2AH1663726 GB
ST4000VN000-1H41683726 GB
ST4000VM000-1F31683726 GB
ST4000NM0035-1V41073726 GB
ST4000NM0033-9ZM1703726 GB
ST4000LM024-2AN17V3726 GB
ST4000LM016-1N21703726 GB
ST4000DX001-1CE1683726 GB
ST4000DX000-1CL1603726 GB
ST4000DM005-2DP1663726 GB
ST4000DM004-2CV1043726 GB
ST4000DM001-1FK17N3726 GB
ST4000DM000-2AE1663726 GB
ST4000DM000-1F21683726 GB
ST4000DM000-1CD1683726 GB
ST33000651AS2794.5 GB
ST33000650NS2794.5 GB
ST3000VX002-1F416R2794.5 GB
ST3000VX000-9YW1662794.5 GB
ST3000VX000-1ES1662794.5 GB
ST3000VX000-1CU1662794.5 GB
ST3000VN007-2E41662794.5 GB
ST3000VN000-1HJ1662794.5 GB
ST3000VN000-1H41672794.5 GB
ST3000VN0001-1SF1762794.5 GB
ST3000VM002-1F316N2794.5 GB
ST3000VM002-1ET1662794.5 GB
ST3000NM0033-9ZM1782794.5 GB
ST3000NM0005-1V410N2794.5 GB
ST3000NC002-1DY1662794.5 GB
ST3000NC0002794.5 GB
ST3000DM008-2DM1662794.5 GB
ST3000DM007-1WY10G2794.5 GB
ST3000DM003-2AE16L2794.5 GB
ST3000DM003-1F216N2794.5 GB
ST3000DM001-9YN1662794.5 GB
ST3000DM001-1ER1662794.5 GB
ST3000DM001-1E61662794.5 GB
ST3000DM001-1CH1662794.5 GB
ST32000645NS1863 GB
ST32000644NS1863 GB
ST32000641AS1863 GB
ST32000542AS1863 GB
ST32000540AS1863 GB
ST2000VX008-2E31641863 GB
ST2000VX003-1HH1641863 GB
ST2000VX002-1AH1661863 GB
ST2000VX000-9YW1641863 GB
ST2000VX000-1ES1641863 GB
ST2000VX000-1CU1641863 GB
ST2000VN000-1HJ1641863 GB
ST2000VN000-1H31641863 GB
ST2000VM003-1ET1641863 GB
ST2000VM003-1CT1641863 GB
ST2000VM002-9UY1661863 GB
ST2000NM0033-9ZM1751863 GB
ST2000NM00111863 GB
ST2000NM0008-2F31001863 GB
ST2000NC001-1DY1641863 GB
ST2000LX001-1RG1741863 GB
ST2000LM015-2E81741863 GB
ST2000LM007-1R81741863 GB
ST2000LM005 HN-M201AAD1863 GB
ST2000LM003 HN-M201RAD1863 GB
ST2000DX002-2DV1641863 GB
ST2000DX001-1NS1641863 GB
ST2000DX001-1CM1641863 GB
ST2000DM009-2G41001863 GB
ST2000DM008-2FR1021863 GB
ST2000DM006-2DM1641863 GB
ST2000DM005-2CW1021863 GB
ST2000DM001-9YN1641863 GB
ST2000DM001-1ER1641863 GB
ST2000DM001-1E61641863 GB
ST2000DM001-1CH1641863 GB
ST2000DL004 HD204UI1863 GB
ST2000DL003-9VT1661863 GB
ST2000DL001-9VT1561863 GB
APPLE HDD ST2000DM0011863 GB
ST31500541AS1397.2 GB
ST31500343AS1397.2 GB
ST31500341AS1397.2 GB
ST1500LM012-1R817G1397.2 GB
ST1500LM006 HN-M151RAD1397.2 GB
ST1500LM003-9YH1481397.2 GB
ST1500DM003-9YN16G1397.2 GB
ST1500DM003-1CH16G1397.2 GB
ST1500DL003-9VT16L1397.2 GB
ST1500VM002-9UY16L1397.2 GB
ST1500DL001-9VT15L1397.2 GB
STM31000528AS931.5 GB
ST91000640NS931.5 GB
ST31000528AS931.5 GB
ST31000526SV931.5 GB
ST31000525SV931.5 GB
ST31000524NS931.5 GB
ST31000524AS931.5 GB
ST31000523AS931.5 GB
ST31000521AS931.5 GB
ST31000520AS931.5 GB
ST31000340SV931.5 GB
ST31000340NS931.5 GB
ST31000340AS931.5 GB
ST31000333AS931.5 GB
ST31000322CS931.5 GB
ST1000VX005-2EZ102931.5 GB
ST1000VX001-1HH162931.5 GB
ST1000VX000-9YW162931.5 GB
ST1000VX000-1ES162931.5 GB
ST1000VX000-1CU162931.5 GB
ST1000VM002-9ZL162931.5 GB
ST1000VM002-1ET162931.5 GB
ST1000VM002-1CT162931.5 GB
ST1000NM0033-9ZM173931.5 GB
ST1000NM0011931.5 GB
ST1000NC001-1DY162931.5 GB
ST1000LX015-1U7172931.5 GB
ST1000LM049-2GH172931.5 GB
ST1000LM048-2E7172931.5 GB
ST1000LM044 HN-M101SAD931.5 GB
ST1000LM035-1RK172931.5 GB
ST1000LM025 HN-M101ABB931.5 GB
ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB931.5 GB
ST1000LM014-SSHD-8GB931.5 GB
ST1000LM014-1EJ164-SSHD931.5 GB
ST1000LM014-1EJ164931.5 GB
ST1000LM010-9YH146931.5 GB
ST1000LM002-9VQ14L931.5 GB
ST1000DX002-2DV162931.5 GB
ST1000DX001-1NS162-SSHD931.5 GB
ST1000DX001-1NS162931.5 GB
ST1000DX001-1CM162-SSHD931.5 GB
ST1000DX001-1CM162931.5 GB
ST1000DM010-2EP102931.5 GB
ST1000DM010-2DM162931.5 GB
ST1000DM005 HD103SJ931.5 GB
ST1000DM003-9YN162931.5 GB
ST1000DM003-1SB10C931.5 GB
ST1000DM003-1SB102931.5 GB
ST1000DM003-1ER162931.5 GB
ST1000DM003-1CH162931.5 GB
ST1000DM000-9TS15E931.5 GB
ST1000DL004 HD105SI931.5 GB
ST1000DL002-9TT153931.5 GB
APPLE HDD ST1000LM024931.5 GB
APPLE HDD ST1000DM003931.5 GB
ST31000533CS931.5 GB
STM3750528AS698.6 GB
ST9750423AS698.6 GB
ST9750422AS698.6 GB
ST9750420AS698.6 GB
ST750LX003-1AC154698.6 GB
ST750LM022 HN-M750MBB698.6 GB
ST3750840AS698.6 GB
ST3750840ACE698.6 GB
ST3750640SV698.6 GB
ST3750640NS698.6 GB
ST3750640AV698.6 GB
ST3750640AS698.6 GB
ST3750640A698.6 GB
ST3750630AS698.6 GB
ST3750528AS698.6 GB
ST3750525AS698.6 GB
ST3750330SV698.6 GB
ST3750330NS698.6 GB
ST3750330AS698.6 GB
ST3750523AS698.6 GB
ST9640423AS596.1 GB
ST9640322AS596.1 GB
ST9640320AS596.1 GB
ST640LM001 HN-M640MBB596.1 GB
ST640LM000 HM641JI596.1 GB
ST3640323AS596.1 GB
STM3500418AS465.7 GB
ST95005620AS465.7 GB
ST9500530NS465.7 GB
ST9500424AS465.7 GB
ST9500423AS465.7 GB
ST9500420ASG465.7 GB
ST9500420AS465.7 GB
ST9500325ASG465.7 GB
ST9500325AS465.7 GB
ST9500320AS465.7 GB
ST500VT000-1DK142465.7 GB
ST500VT000-1BS142465.7 GB
ST500NM0011465.7 GB
ST500LX012-SSHD-8GB465.7 GB
ST500LX003-1AC15G465.7 GB
ST500LT012-9WS142465.7 GB
ST500LT012-1DG142465.7 GB
ST500LM030-2E717D465.7 GB
ST500LM030-1RK17D465.7 GB
ST500LM021-1KJ152465.7 GB
ST500LM014 HN-M500ABB465.7 GB
ST500LM012 HN-M500MBB465.7 GB
ST500LM011 HM501II465.7 GB
ST500LM000-SSHD-8GB465.7 GB
ST500LM000-1EJ162-SSHD465.7 GB
ST500LM000-1EJ162465.7 GB
ST500DM009-2F110A465.7 GB
ST500DM009-2DM14C465.7 GB
ST500DM005 HD502HJ465.7 GB
ST500DM002-9YN14C465.7 GB
ST500DM002-1SB10A465.7 GB
ST500DM002-1ER14C465.7 GB
ST500DM002-1BD142465.7 GB
ST500DM002-1BC142465.7 GB
ST3500841AS465.7 GB
ST3500830SCE465.7 GB
ST3500830AS465.7 GB
ST3500830A465.7 GB
ST3500820AS465.7 GB
ST3500641NS465.7 GB
ST3500641AS_MBP465.7 GB
ST3500641AS465.7 GB
ST3500641A465.7 GB
ST3500630SV465.7 GB
ST3500630NS465.7 GB
ST3500630AV465.7 GB
ST3500630AS465.7 GB
ST3500630A465.7 GB
ST3500620AS465.7 GB
ST3500514NS465.7 GB
ST3500511CS465.7 GB
ST3500418AS465.7 GB
ST3500413AS465.7 GB
ST3500412AS465.7 GB
ST3500411SV465.7 GB
ST3500410SV465.7 GB
ST3500410AS465.7 GB
ST3500330NS465.7 GB
ST3500320SV465.7 GB
ST3500320NS 39M4517 42C0468IBM465.7 GB
ST3500320NS465.7 GB
ST3500320AS465.7 GB
ST3500312CS465.7 GB
ST500LM016 HN-M500XBB465.7 GB
ST3500321CS465.7 GB
ST3400833AS372.6 GB
ST3400832NS372.6 GB
ST3400832AS372.6 GB
ST3400832A372.6 GB
ST3400820AS372.6 GB
ST3400633AS372.6 GB
ST3400633A372.6 GB
ST3400632NS372.6 GB
ST3400620NS372.6 GB
ST3400620AS372.6 GB
ST3400620A372.6 GB
ST3400320AS372.6 GB
ST3360832AS335.3 GB
ST3360320AS335.3 GB
STM3320418AS298 GB
ST93205620AS298 GB
ST9320423ASG298 GB
ST9320423AS298 GB
ST9320421ASG298 GB
ST9320421AS298 GB
ST9320328CS298 GB
ST9320325AS298 GB
ST9320320AS298 GB
ST9320312AS298 GB
ST9320310AS298 GB
ST3320833AS298 GB
ST3320820SCE298 GB
ST3320820AS298 GB
ST3320820ACE298 GB
ST3320820A298 GB
ST3320813AS298 GB
ST3320633AS298 GB
ST3320620SV298 GB
ST3320620NS298 GB
ST3320620AV298 GB
ST3320620AS298 GB
ST3320620A298 GB
ST3320613AS298 GB
ST3320418AS298 GB
ST3320413CS298 GB
ST3320413AS298 GB
ST3320311CS298 GB
ST3320310CS298 GB
ST320LT023-1AF142298 GB
ST320LT022-1AE142298 GB
ST320LT020-9YG142298 GB
ST320LT012-9WS14C298 GB
ST320LT012-1DG14C298 GB
ST320LT007-9ZV142298 GB
ST320LT000-9VL142298 GB
ST320LM001 HN-M320MBB298 GB
ST320LM000 HM321HI298 GB
ST320DM001 HD322GJ298 GB
ST320DM000-1BD14C298 GB
ST320DM000-1BC14C298 GB
Seagate eSATA Cable298 GB
ST3300831AS279.4 GB
ST3300831A279.4 GB
ST3300822AS279.4 GB
ST3300822A279.4 GB
ST3300631AS279.4 GB
ST3300631A279.4 GB
ST3300622AS_MBP279.4 GB
ST3300622AS279.4 GB
ST3300622A279.4 GB
ST3300620AS279.4 GB
ST3300620A279.4 GB
ST3250823AS232.8 GB
STM3250318AS232.8 GB
ST9250827AS232.8 GB
ST92505610AS232.8 GB
ST9250421ASG232.8 GB
ST9250421AS232.8 GB
ST9250410ASG232.8 GB
ST9250410AS232.8 GB
ST9250320AS232.8 GB
ST9250315ASG232.8 GB
ST9250315AS232.8 GB
ST92503010AS232.8 GB
ST3250824SV232.8 GB
ST3250824NS232.8 GB
ST3250824AS232.8 GB
ST3250824A232.8 GB
ST3250823NS232.8 GB
ST3250823A232.8 GB
ST3250820SV232.8 GB
ST3250820SCE232.8 GB
ST3250820NS232.8 GB
ST3250820AV232.8 GB
ST3250820AS232.8 GB
ST3250820ACE232.8 GB
ST3250820A232.8 GB
ST3250624NS232.8 GB
ST3250624AS232.8 GB
ST3250624A232.8 GB
ST3250623NS232.8 GB
ST3250623A232.8 GB
ST3250620NS232.8 GB
ST3250620AS232.8 GB
ST3250620A232.8 GB
ST3250410AS232.8 GB
ST3250318AS232.8 GB
ST3250312CS232.8 GB
ST3250312AS232.8 GB
ST3250310SV232.8 GB
ST3250310NS232.8 GB
ST3250310CS232.8 GB
ST3250310AS232.8 GB
ST250LT020-1AE14C232.8 GB
ST250LT012-9WS141232.8 GB
ST250LT012-1DG141232.8 GB
ST250LT007-9ZV14C232.8 GB
ST250LT003-9YG14C232.8 GB
ST250LM004 HN-M250MBB232.8 GB
ST250LM000 HM251HI232.8 GB
ST250DM001 HD253GJ232.8 GB
ST250DM000-1BD141232.8 GB
ST250DM000-1BC141232.8 GB
ST250DM001 HD256GJ232.8 GB
ST9200827AS186.3 GB
ST9200423ASG186.3 GB
ST9200420ASG186.3 GB
ST9200420AS186.3 GB
ST3200827AS186.3 GB
ST3200827A186.3 GB
ST3200826AS186.3 GB
ST3200826A186.3 GB
ST3200822AS186.3 GB
ST3200822A186.3 GB
ST3200820AS186.3 GB
ST3200820A186.3 GB
ST3200021A186.3 GB
STM3160318AS149 GB
ST9160827AS149 GB
ST9160823ASG149 GB
ST9160823AS149 GB
ST91608220AS149 GB
ST9160821AS149 GB
ST9160821A149 GB
ST9160414ASG149 GB
ST9160412ASG149 GB
ST9160412AS149 GB
ST9160411ASG149 GB
ST9160411AS149 GB
ST9160314ASG149 GB
ST9160314AS149 GB
ST9160310AS149 GB
ST9160301AS149 GB
ST340016A149 GB
ST3160828AS149 GB
ST3160827AS149 GB
ST3160815SV149 GB
ST3160815AS149 GB
ST3160815A149 GB
ST3160813AS149 GB
ST3160812AS149 GB
ST3160812A149 GB
ST3160811AS149 GB
ST3160318AS149 GB
ST3160316CS149 GB
ST3160316AS149 GB
ST3160310AS149 GB
ST3160215SCE149 GB
ST3160215AS149 GB
ST3160215ACE149 GB
ST3160215A149 GB
ST3160212SCE149 GB
ST3160212AS149 GB
ST3160212ACE149 GB
ST3160212A149 GB
ST3160211AS149 GB
ST3160023AS149 GB
ST3160023A149 GB
ST3160022ACE149 GB
ST3160021AS149 GB
ST3160021A149 GB
ST160LM003 HN-M160MBB149 GB
ST160LT015-1AE141149 GB
ST3120022A111.7 GB
STM9120817AS111.7 GB
ST9120823ASG111.7 GB
ST9120823AS111.7 GB
ST9120822AS111.7 GB
ST9120822A111.7 GB
ST9120821AS111.7 GB
ST9120821A111.7 GB
ST9120817AS111.7 GB
ST3120827AS111.7 GB
ST3120814A111.7 GB
ST3120813AS111.7 GB
ST3120811AS111.7 GB
ST3120213AS111.7 GB
ST3120213A111.7 GB
ST3120211AS111.7 GB
ST3120026AS111.7 GB
ST3120026A111.7 GB
ST3120024A111.7 GB
ST3120023AS111.7 GB
ST3120023A111.7 GB
ST120HM000-1G5142111.7 GB
ST9100828AS93.1 GB
ST9100828A93.1 GB
ST9100825A93.1 GB
ST9100824AS93.1 GB
ST9100824A93.1 GB
ST9100823A93.1 GB
ST9100822A93.1 GB
ST9100821AS93.1 GB
ST910021AS93.1 GB
ST910021A93.1 GB
ST3100011A93.1 GB
ST380021A74.5 GB
ST380013AS74.5 GB
ST380011A74.5 GB
ST98823AS74.5 GB
ST98823A74.5 GB
ST980829A74.5 GB
ST980825AS74.5 GB
ST980825A74.5 GB
ST9808211A74.5 GB
ST9808210A74.5 GB
ST980815A74.5 GB
ST980814AS74.5 GB
ST980813ASG74.5 GB
ST980813AS74.5 GB
ST980812AS74.5 GB
ST980811AS74.5 GB
ST980811A74.5 GB
ST980412ASG74.5 GB
ST980210AS74.5 GB
ST380819AS74.5 GB
ST380817AS74.5 GB
ST380815AS74.5 GB
ST380811AS74.5 GB
ST3808110AS74.5 GB
ST380215SCE74.5 GB
ST380215AS74.5 GB
ST380215A74.5 GB
ST380211AS74.5 GB
ST3802110AS74.5 GB
ST3802110ACE74.5 GB
ST3802110A74.5 GB
ST380023AS74.5 GB
ST380023A74.5 GB
ST380022A74.5 GB
ST380020A74.5 GB
ST380013A74.5 GB
ST380012ACE74.5 GB
ST380012A74.5 GB
ST380813AS74.5 GB
ST96812AS55.8 GB
ST360021A55.8 GB
ST360020A55.8 GB
ST360015A55.8 GB
ST360014A55.8 GB
ST360012A55.8 GB
ST96812A55.8 GB
ST960822A55.8 GB
ST960821A55.8 GB
ST960815A55.8 GB
ST960813AS55.8 GB
ST960812A55.8 GB
ST96023AS55.8 GB
ST950212A46.5 GB
ST940011A37.2 GB
ST94813AS37.2 GB
ST940814AS37.2 GB
ST340824A37.2 GB
ST340823A37.2 GB
ST340810ACE37.2 GB
ST340810A37.2 GB
ST3402111AS37.2 GB
ST3402111A37.2 GB
ST340015A37.2 GB
ST340014AS37.2 GB
ST340014A37.2 GB
ST340017A37.2 GB
ST94813A37.2 GB
ST94811A37.2 GB
ST940818SM37.2 GB
ST940815A37.2 GB
ST9408114A37.2 GB
ST9402115AS37.2 GB
ST9402113A37.2 GB
ST9402112A37.2 GB
ST940210AS37.2 GB
ST94019A37.2 GB
ST94011A37.2 GB
ST940110A37.2 GB
ST330630A28.5 GB
ST330621A27.9 GB
ST330610A27.9 GB
ST330013A27.9 GB
ST93015A27.9 GB
ST328040A26.5 GB
ST320423A19 GB
ST320413A19 GB
ST320410A19 GB
ST320424A19 GB
ST320420A19 GB
ST320414A18.6 GB
ST320014A18.6 GB
ST320011A18.6 GB
ST920217AS18.6 GB
ST92014A18.6 GB
ST92011A18.6 GB
ST315323A14.3 GB
ST313021A12.1 GB
ST310232A9.5 GB
ST310220A9.5 GB
ST310212A9.5 GB
ST310014A9.5 GB
ST310215A9.4 GB
ST310211A9.4 GB
ST38422A8 GB
ST38410A8 GB
ST38641A8 GB
ST38411A7.8 GB
ST38421A7.8 GB
ST36530A6 GB
ST36421A6 GB
ST36423A6 GB
ST36422A5.9 GB
ST34313A4 GB
ST34311A4 GB
ST34310A4 GB
ST34321A4 GB
ST33210A3 GB
ST33221A3 GB
ST52520A2.3 GB
ST32140A1.9 GB
ST31722A1.5 GB